Reckon Enterprise 2018 single user licence.

Terence mcgrane
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Need also to use on my laptop when away from the office and then transfer files back to desktop.

Was thinking changing from Desktop to Hosted, can I do this at no extra cost since I have already purchased the desktop version?


  • Terence mcgrane
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    Thanks Kevin,
    Yes I was advised of such it can be flaky sometimes in the other office.

    Thus my quest to find out if I can also load Reckon Enterprise on my laptop do the work I need to do, backup, then take it back to the office and restore on the desktop.

    I will only be using one instance at a time 
  • Terence mcgrane
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    Company will not allow laptop installation. Will only for portable to up load onto desktop when back.
    Did this before laptops got stolen ,,,,,,,,,,, everything lost HUGE problem.

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    VPN Connection to your Office, then Remote Desktop. Problem solved?
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    VPN site to site and point to point really doesn’t cost for this simple task, just about smb modem/routers come with it. Some more than others are very reliable. I run site to sites on low end gear without any downtime and maintenance free. For this very solution. Just because a business needs VPN it doesn’t means they need an appliance to handle it. The only issue I’ve had with running IPSec or L2tp on unreliable connection is generally the negotiation and PPTP handles it pretty much anytime. So the idea, is to give the OP the idea so they can go and take that to there IT personal. He’s not really in trouble. Options are there.
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    I pay for Hosted , but due to dodgy internet use the desktop version.  This has been upgraded to 2018.  I have paid for a single licence.  I will be travelling overseas and need to continue to due work on a new laptop.

    When installing 2018 onto the laptop, due I use the same key as I did to upgrade to 2018 on my desktop, or the new one that appeared when I downloaded "Reckon Accounts_Business_Range_2018_R1 program onto my laptop just now?

    (I have just read I should uninstall the program from my desktop, which I have yet to do.)
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    I paid an annual subscription for one licence of Reckon Accounts Accounting Small Business Edition. It's installed and activated in my home desktop PC. I am the only one using it at any one time. I use it mostly at home but there are times, very rare occasions that I need to use it when away from home. Do I need to buy more licence for this?

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    No, but you will need to set up your own remote access to your desktop PC as you only have one installation.

    Another option is moving to Hosted as that one's on Reckon's servers & accessed via a web browser so you can log onto it from any device, anywhere.

    Note: Hosted is exactly the same program as the desktop version, but happens to be the top one (so you get all the bells & whistles) Of course, the annual license cost is higher as it has a lot more features 😊

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