How to SAVE Simplified BAS Report as it appears in QB 2010-2011 as Adobe reader

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Hi all, How can I save a Simplified BAS Report BAS/IAS Export file as Adobe Type so readable QB2010-2011  
I save the the report but is in BAS/IAS Export File (unreadable) Presviously my bookkeeper saved the sample report from quickbooks as a Adobe file to store on my computer?


  • John GraetzJohn Graetz Member Posts: 1,653 ✭✭✭
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    Jenny.  Instead of selecting "save", select "print" and then print to your PDF printer.  With a bit of luck you will be able to select the "Microsoft Print to PDF" list of printers.  Alternatively, you may have another free basis PDF printer installed on your computer which you can select.  Once printed to your PDF printer, you will be able to save that file.
    John L G
  • Robert SmeallieRobert Smeallie Member Posts: 84
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    Hi Jenny,

    The difference between the QB2010-11 BAS document and the current Simplified BAS/IAS is that the earlier one was never sent to the ATO but rather provided you with the amounts to enter manually on your pre-printed BAS document (it stated quite clearly that it wasn't to be sent to the ATO) whereas the current Simplified BAS/IAS is able to be directly lodged with the ATO via their web portal and needing an AUSKey to submit it. If you compare the layout of the old BAS form with the Simplified BAS/IAS you can see why it has been called simplified.
    Brilliant thinking John Graetz, I looked at the Save Option on my Simplified BAS/IAS form and it doesn't support the creation of PDF files but selecting Print to PDF is the perfect solution.
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