Splitting GST allocations when receiving invoice payments

Jay GarlandJay Garland Member Posts: 144
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I have some invoices I've raised for a company that has a policy of paying the invoice in two payments. One payment is the non-GST component, the second payment which comes a month later is the GST payment. For example, my invoice is $100+GST = $110. They pay me $100 which is the non-GST payment and then a month later they pay me $10 for the GST component. The RECEIVE PAYMENT window doesn't allow this type of allocation. How can I process the payment correctly?


  • John GibsonJohn Gibson Member Posts: 47
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    You DONT - from your point of view (regardless of what THEY want) what you receive is what you receive and is pro-rata income and GST - they are simply underpaying you by $10 initially, and when they pay the $10 then the final 91c of the GST is received....the initial $100 just gets applied to the invoice
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