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Just switched to a new computer. Now the Dashboard is displaying annoying pop up tips.  How do I get rid of them PLS. 


Did the obvious thing and looked in Customise Dashboard to no avail. It is in all three of the Books I open. 


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    Hi Ted,

    The dashboard widgets by default are set to display the current financial year. Seeing that as of today we are only 9 days into the financial year (or 6 days when you posted your question) there may not be transaction data available for the current financial year for those widget to report on.

    In the scenario when there is no data available for the widgets defined reporting period, the widget will default to a splash/hint view.

    You can see an example of these in the article below

    Looking at your screen shots it would appear to be case for your books. Once transaction data becomes available for the reporting period defined for the widgets then they will show that data.

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    Aha that all makes sense now. I had incorrectly tied this change in behaviour with the splash screen appearing down to my use a new computer. I had thought is might be browser cookies or some such, but the new computer was purely coincidental . 
    Thank you for the explanation and it will of course fix itself once we enter some data...
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