Payroll Premier 2018/2019 STP Report is empty

Ray_9722051 Member Posts: 7
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We ran a payroll on the 03/07/2018 and its populated in Premier but when we run STP (Single Touch Payroll) the totals come through accurately but there are no employees listed ???


  • Adrienne Millers
    Adrienne Millers Member Posts: 1
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    Does anyone have an answer to this problem
  • Shisir
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    Hi Ray and Adrienne, 

    Apologies for the delay.

    First could you please confirm that you have done those payruns from within the Payroll premier 2018/19 version? Cause only the pays done from this version is available for STP export.

    However if you have done it from 18/19 and still not appearing on the export, please check out this KB for further instructions as there could be some corruption on the data file.