Uploading back up file to Hosted for first time

Christina McIntosh
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I have been using Reckons Accounts (on pc) and have been backing up to a local network drive. I've now moved to Hosted and want to upload the back up files, but the location in which the files are saved are not coming up as an option.

The are saved as .QBB

I've also tried moving the back up files to my desktop and a usb, but still can't find them via Hosted. 

The only locations I can see in Reckons Hosted are My Backup (B:) and My Live (Q:) - however these are not showing up  in my file directory so I cannot access them outside Hosted, nor to save my backups there.

Help please as I can't update the tax tables in Reckons Accounts (as this subscription has been converted to Hosted), nor can I get Hosted working.


  • Rav
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    The Q drive is a virtual drive unique to Reckon Accounts Hosted so its not a physical drive on your PC.

    If you want to save it to your PC or upload a file to Hosted, you just need to download/upload it using the Floating Toolbar. There's more info on how to use that here -


  • Christina McIntosh
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    Ok - it is the upload that is the issue (it from my PC to hosted). It looks like it is working using the floating tool bar. The Welcome pop up is a bit misleading. 

    Thanks for your help.
  • MsKaye
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    Hi Everyone,

    May you please help me, how will I upload the latest back up for my client? and he said that the latest back up will be used moving forward. Thank you.

  • Mario
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    Hi Ms Kaye,

    If your client moving from Reckon Accounts Desktop to Hosted, please refer to the video in Rav's post above yours - expland the floating toolbar, and choose upload from the vertical column to upload your file. A backup file would get uploaded to the B drive.

    You can then restore your file by going to File>Open or Restore company. When files are restored, they must be placed in the Q drive, and accessed from there.

  • MsKaye
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    Hi Mario,

    Thank you for the response.

    This is the scenario.

    My client asked the backed up file from my Hosted online account, then I sent it to him. then there are changes in the files so he uploaded the new backed up file and he wants to use the new backed up file moving forward.

    if that so, once i have uploaded the sent new backed up file, it will automatically reflect in the Hosted once I process?

    Thank you for the help.

  • Mario
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    Hi MsKaye,

    A backed up file needs to be restored before it's used. I recommend that you restore the backup with a unique file name so that it can be easily identified.

    If this file needs to be shared with other users, you can then share it via the Reckon Accounts Hosted control panel.

    After that, if you like, old shared folders can be deleted by contacting Technical Support. (Note: Please backup all your information from shared folders, since this cannot be retrieved once a shared folder is deleted) .

    Hopefully this helps resolve your issue.

  • MsKaye
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    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for the response.

    And for restoring the file, i will just use the floating toolbar in uploading the latest backed up.

    And once i have restored the backed up file, it will automatically update the files recorded in backed up? then i will just do the usual for opening the file by hosted online?

    My apologies if i have many questions.

    Thank you

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Once you have upload the QBB (backup file) to the Hosted B:\ drive, you will need to OPEN/RESTORE that backup file.