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Emma WhiteEmma White Member Posts: 23
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When emailing it only sends to the first email address.  I have just tested and it did used to work with a comma in between email address but this week it has only been sending to the first email address.  


  • ToniToni Member Posts: 147
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    Hi Emma
    Do you use a (,) comma or a  (;) semicolon -  needs to be the semicolon to work.

  • danlewdanlew Member Posts: 2
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    Toni's advice should read:
    "It now needs to be a semicolon to work, despite comma being a global Internet standard which works for all email clients and until very recently worked for Reckon as well".

    This is badly broken. We were using commas, within Reckon, fine, for years.

    Invoices stopped being received by certain customers about a month ago (roughly the same time as the original poster's message above) and Reckon tech support couldn't find the issue sending us on a wild goose chase looking for defective template files.

    One of our staff who has previously had the misfortune of using Outlook suggested that semicolons were standard. An argument ensued - semicolons are not standard, except for Microsoft Outlook and even that now supports both). Despite this, changing it did in fact solve the issue.

    Leaving this here in the hope that it helps others.

    Reckon however need to support commas and (if necessary) semicolons.

    It is also clear that something which previously worked - for years - was recently broken. This is poor change management. 
  • Emma WhiteEmma White Member Posts: 23
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    I agree, there was no advice the commas just stopped working and only sent to first person on the list. 

    Another thing i think Reckon need to do is have emails to go through Outlook or mail program so easy to know your email has been sent.
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