Single Touch Payroll not showing employees

Teagan HayseTeagan Hayse Member Posts: 23
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Hi guys
Is anyone having the issue that you go to Payroll - Single Touch Payroll. Then you click on a payrun that is marked as DRAFT in that screen.  Then NOTHING...... No employees load. If you press "Send to GovConnect STP" it does nothing.

Help please



  • Caroline SuhardjonoCaroline Suhardjono Member Posts: 13
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    hi I got problem,
    I processed 2 terminations and 1 payroll.
    The only one that produced STP only 1 of the termination.
    The rest nothing come up in the STP screen.

    This has never happened.
    Usually after processing payment - the dialog box asking Change to date paid is appeared and I clicked change to date paid.
    And it will show the correct list and amount.
    Can anyone help please?

    I am doing the payroll ahead (yesterday despite the payroll still next week) than its usual date as I will be away for annual leave.
    And this happened. So stressful as I won't be relieved to go if this problem still not solved today.

    Thank you


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