Manual Upload Not Matching Existing Transactions

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I haven't found the answer in the 1 - 3 year old threads, so I'm possibly opening an old problem again. 

I've done a manual upload (because the daily electronic upload has been unreliable) and the upload has not recognised transactions already allocated/coded in my Reckon bank account.  It simply applies a rule which, if accepted, would duplicate most of the transactions in my bank account.  How do I ensure that the manual upload will first match transactions that are:
  • already in the bank account,
  • of the same date,
  • with the same description, and
  • for the same amount?
I find it more than a little disappointing that I'm having this problem three years after it's been raised many times prior.


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    Welcome to the Reckon Community, Stu.

    Brief outline how the native matching facility works.  

    Reckon One will attempt a match to an existing, unmatched, unreconciled transaction of the same amount with the same date.  If that test fails it will look for a match to a transaction with the same amount dated the day before, and if that fails, to the day after.  If all 3 attempts fail then no match is suggested.  The transaction must then be manually allocated as a new transaction or deleted.  

    A match may fail for 3 reasons:
    • there is a difference of more than 1 day of the entry in Reckon One to the bank's date; 
    • the transaction has already been reconciled; or
    • the transaction has been matched to another downloaded transaction.

    The first reason may be encountered with cheque payments and delays in getting them banked.
    The third reason can occur if transactions are imported more than once and the first import is not processed - once a matching is suggested the transaction is locked to that suggested match until rejected by the user. 

    If you are switching between bankdata downloads and manual uploads, there is a risk, depending on the circumstance and the sequence of steps you have followed, that a transaction may have been downloaded and a matching suggestion applied before you have switched to manual upload and uploaded a second copy of that transaction.  

    Transactions are downloaded from your Bankdata record to your book the moment you click on the Transactions from Bank tab, according to your preference settings and linking - and you have to come here to switch to manual upload. 

    In your case where your bankfeed is unreliable, you should apply transactions from the bankfeed first, and then manually upload only from the date of the last bankfeed download so there is no overlap.  Bankfeeds will give you all or no transactions for a day; apart from credit card transactions that may be pending with the bank at the time, it is not the case that some transactions of a day are missed.  Surplus transactions from a manual upload will be forgotten when you log out of Reckon One.  

    Please review your procedures and let us know if the behaviour persists after all these aspects have been addressed.   

    Hope this helps.

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