Reckon accounts enterprise 2018 conflicts with kaspersky

Vanessa RichesVanessa Riches Member Posts: 1
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I have installed new updated software. I disabled kaspersky while doing
this. I then opened and it worked. When I opened after switching off computer, kaspersky alerts a Trojan detected and I cannot open the software. I have to un instal and instal again. The same thing happened.
I also use accounts hosted and that is working fine. the 2017 version opens ok as well.


  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,460 ✭✭✭
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    Hey Vanessa did we discuss this already? Or did I deeam it? I had a phone call about this exact issue two days ago
  • Robert SmeallieRobert Smeallie Member Posts: 84
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    Hi Vanessa,

    I have Norton 360 AntiVirus installed on my Windows 10 computer and I had no problems updating my Reckon Accounts Plus 2017 Desktop edition to 2018 and working.

    Maybe Kapersky is being a bit more belligerent when checking for Trojans on your desktop while Norton didn't find any trojans.

    Another difference is that the data on a desktop version might include trojans from downloads whereas the Hosted version has the data stored in the cloud which is not accessed by Kapersky.

    Robert Smeallie
  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,460 ✭✭✭
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    Hence why I mentioned Kaspersky. Not all virus software is the same
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