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When emailing invoices from Hosted, how can I change in the template:
"To Customer" - I only have a choice of "To" or "Dear" customer. I would like to be able to use hello, or hi etc

Subject line - how can I automatically include the customer name
I have to Bcc each invoice that I email out, to my own email address

How can I check that an emailed invoice has been received by the customer. eg if the assigned email has a typo, I have no way of knowing the email will be bounced



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    This is a very hot and needed topic or requirement sending email with invoice to see if its received the other side.
    The most common band aid solution is bcc as you doing it now.
    But it does not tell you if actually the other side has received or seen the invoice.
    We have spent time and money to create an add on cloud invoice for RAH , which fixes all these.

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