Reckon Accounts PP 2016, Win7 to Win10 transfer problems.

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Hi folks.  Have been going through the process of transitioning Accounts Personal Plus 2016 from a Win7 machine to a Win10 machine.  Here's how far I've gone:
-Backup File created and copied to portable drive.
-Reckon PP 2016 installed on Win10 machine. (appeared to be successful)
-Followed prompts for an existing user, importing the .RKN file and it appears to open OK.
-Exit PP 2016 and get a prompt to "Backup" and when I initiate the backup a window pops up saying that some changes may not be saved and the Error Code 6901.  After accepting this popup window the application appears to close normally.
-Opening PP 2016 again takes me straight to initial set-up prompts again, as though it has been opened for the first time.
-Contacted the help desk on 1800 732 566 twice.  The first time they supplied a new Activation Key (to cover the change of device I guess??).  That Key isn't asked for when I open the application, so I'm not sure when it is required.  The second time I contacted them for further assistance they fobbed me off - "Sorry, we only deal with activation, there is no tech support for your product".

No tech support????  The Product Key was supposed to be good to 2025???  Appalling.  If it's not one of the cloud-based products, nobody wants to know.

I read somewhere that error codes are sometimes generated by file names being too long for Windows 10... other than that, there doesn't seem to be a mention of it anywhere in the Community.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.



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    Hi Wes,
    I'd recommend checking out this KB article, it sounds quite similar to the scenario that you're experiencing -
  • Wes_9793220
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    Rav & Diver Dave,

    Thank you for the prompt replies and thoughtful responses.
    Yes, Rav - Very similar symptoms that are mentioned in the linked thread above.
    Yes, Dave - Saved file names are relatively long.

    I will start with simply shortening the file names and saving to the default location.  If that doesn't help, I will do the re-installation, ensuring the (shortened name) files are in the right folder, etc.

    As the machines I'm working with are on the opposite side of the continent to myself - I'm helping my parents upgrade to a new PC - it will take me a couple of days to apply your suggestions.

    I'll let you know how I go!

    Thanks again.

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    Looks like we have had a win!

    Installed PP2016 as per the link in Rav's reply.
    Shortened the data file names to eight (8) characters.
    Contacted the 1800732566 for a new Activation Code and now it seems to be opening, closing and backing up as it should.

    My 70-something mother is eternally grateful and so am I.

    Thank you very much for your guidance!