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Using Reckon Desktop, I have lodged the STP report from Reckon and submitted it in the portal successfully.  In Reckon, the pay run that I just reported for is still showing.  Have not had this issue previously, usually when we select all the employees, lodge the report, the pay run is removed from the STP list.

Has anyone else had this issue ?


  • LukeLuke Reckon Staff Posts: 281
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    HI Emma,

    What was previously happening, where the STP payrun got removed from your Reckon Accounts should not have been happening. This was a bug and was fixed in our latest 2018 R2.1 patch. Did you apply this patch? You can find it here:

    To confirm and be clear: even after lodging your STP to the ATO, you should be able to select that payrun in your STP list.

  • emmaemma Member Posts: 19
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    Thanks Luke.  We hadn't applied any patches.

    If its the way it should be, all good.

    Thanks for the prompt reply!
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