how to set up super for contractor in reckons rather than setting them up as an employee

Rachael Kemp
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We have a contractor I need to set up to pay super. i've never done this before and don't know where to start as I'm a novice on Reckons..


  • Rav
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    Hi Rachael,
    This KnowledgeBase article should be a good starting off point -

    Reporting Super for Contractors
  • Rachael Kemp
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    Thank you!
  • Samantha Robertson
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    Hi Rav

    This is outdated information. Do you have updated info as per ATO Super for Contractors 1 July 2022?

    Thanks Sam

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    Hi @Samantha Robertson

    You can still set them up as an "Employee", create a new "Contractor" Payroll Item (Tax Tracking should be set to None with no Taxes or Leave accrual ticked & also tick to omit them from STP) adding their Super Details (like a regular employee) accordingly:

    NOTE: Payroll Items should be generic - eg the "Contractor" one should be able to be used for any contractor - so don't include any $ amounts in the Payroll Item itself, only in the contractor's specific Employee record! 😊

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