Importing purchases IIF, how to use a sub-account?

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Hi, I hope you can help.

When creating a IIF file for importing purchases, I put the account into the ACCNT field. This works if the account is a header account, but if its a sub account, Reckon cant find a match so creates a new account with a type of Bank.

How do I format the IIF file to tell Reckon its a sub-account instead of a header account?

Also is there a way to tell Reckon to NOT create new accounts, new suppliers, etc, if it could not find a matching record, and possible instead log it.

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    Hi Glenn,

    If you want to use the subaccount, you need to give it the "full name", for example, if you have account "Diesel" under "Fuel", then the expected value would be "Fuel:Diesel".

    Regarding your last question, the answer is no, when importing data from IIF, Reckon will automatically add a new instance if it doesn't exist. Only when it cannot add something and the transaction cannot be imported because of it, it will throw an error.



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    Thanks Phuong,

    Thats helped greatly.


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