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I currently use Estimates and Progress Payments. When I invoice 100% of the estimate but then add an extra item to the Progress Invoice, the original Estimate still appears as being open. It shows as the GST amount being still not invoiced.

For example, the Estimate is for $1200 plus $120 gst. I enter as 100% owing for the invoice and the invoice will be created for $1320. I then add an extra line for $50 (inc) and the invoice is now for $1370. When I look at the original Estimate, it show as still having $120 open.

I am using Reckon Accounts Premier 2018


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    Hi Leanne

    Unfortunately, this seems to be a bit of a Estimates glitch & isn't necessarily from adding an additional amount on the invoice - Sometimes an open balance shows for an Estimate even when it's been invoiced exactly.

    Depending on the reports you run, there are a couple of workarounds ....

    • (If you don't track via the open Estimate reports & just want the "Open Balance" to correctly display " 0.00" in the Customer's transactions .....)
      Edit the Estimate by the amount it's out & "Save ..." it.      

    (Remember, Estimates are non-posting transactions so do not impact on your financials in any way)

    • Alternatively, update the Estimate FIRST as per the invoice you are about to do, accepting the Estimate change that pops up.

    • If you use the "Estimates by Job" report, you can manually untick the "Estimate Active" checkbox on the Estimate (then "Save & Close") to remove it from this report listing. 

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    Welcome to the Reckon Community, Leanne.

    Try saving the invoice immediately after converting the Estimate.  Then make your additions.
    Do you get a better result?

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    I did try that. It still had the $120 as open.
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    Thanks Leanne, glad to hear it is not just me.  I have just noticed this too and it seems to the GST amount.  Even when I have not added an extra line to an invoice for extra work it still has an open balance when the estimate has been invoiced in full.  Reckon, please fix as it does effect estimate reports.
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    Reckon - Could you please advise as this is not a glitch, it is a problem which needs to be fixed ? 
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