I need technical support, as my copy of Reckon accounts 2019 no longer starts. Problem persists afte

Martijn ThomassenMartijn Thomassen Member Posts: 2
Icon sits in the Windows 10 taskbar but cannot be brought to front. Error report is thrown.
Problem persists after upgrading to 2019 version.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator
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    Hi Marijn,
    Error report is thrown
    Can you please clarify what this means?
    If there is a error message, can you let us know what is shown? Did you reboot your PC?

    Were there any issues during the upgrade process to the new 2019 version?

    Are you able to open your Task Manager and end any Reckon Accounts processes that are running and then retry?
  • Martijn ThomassenMartijn Thomassen Member Posts: 2
    edited April 13
    This problem has resurfaced. 
    The problem was resolved after a full re-install from scratch. I'm now on Accounts 2020 which has worked fine for a few months.

    Symptoms - Reckon starts and nestles itselfs in the taskbar, is visible in task manager, and that's it.
    Can kill the task, restart the PC. It will just do exactly the same.

    System is Windows 10

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