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Sean CresswellSean Cresswell Member Posts: 32
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Hi there,

Is it possible to assign a [item] entry as a non-printing field? [therefore also - not saved to PDF] ….sort of like NOTES, but in the context of the estimate. [possibly useful in purchase orders & works orders too]

Reason being, in the hand over from sales to our project managers, I want to add information & instructions, but not have these carry over into the invoice creation stage to then be accidentally sent out to the customer. [if by chance there is sensitive information contained]


  • Linda BenfieldLinda Benfield Member Posts: 77
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    Hi Sean,

    Go to Lists > Templates > Additional Customisation > Header

    From here you can add/remove fields to your template and choose to make them visible on the screen and choose to print/not print.

    You can change the name of the header to suit as well.

    Hope that solves your query!


  • Sean CresswellSean Cresswell Member Posts: 32
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    Hi Linda,

    Sort of, and is what I'd already looked at doing, but I don't really want to place new "static" headers in the template.
    I'm more hoping to use the "Item List" to control this, as I would like to add information in the description, and on occasion, on this would be on multiple lines. I'd liken it more closely to the "Comment" functionality in Excel.
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