"Unexpected error" when making any QBXML request

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I’ve been making various QBXML queries against a test version of our client’s Reckon Accounts Hosted company file on a trial account – you have answered my questions about API calls in the past via e-mail and we’ve moved to a “production” Hosted subscription now.

I’m trying to do the same API calls on the real file, and was originally getting 401 Unauthorized errors. This may have been caused by an incorrect file path, but in any case, this was resolved.

However, I'm now getting a very high frequency of these errors:

{"Message":"Error  connecting to Reckon Accounts. Unexpected error. Check the  "qbsdklog.txt\"" file for possible additional information.""}  
{""Message"":""Error connecting to Reckon Accounts. Could not access Reckon Accounts.""}

This is for any simple QBXML query such as asking for active customers, or brand new invoices raised today only. I eventually got a correct response from Accounts Hosted after maybe 10 tries over the course of an hour, but any subsequent query got the same errors.

Can you please advise? Testing on an older company file originally showed error #1 1-2 months ago, but it stopped happening not long after I reported it. The only thing that has changed between our real account and trial account is the file location - it's now a shared file. I have intermittently got results, so the path must be correct.

I must also note, I contacted the team on the official API support e-mail address, but received no acknowledgement. Happy to take this back to e-mail so I can provide account details etc.


  • PhuongDoPhuongDo Reckon Developer Partner Posts: 216 ✭✭
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    Hi Alexander,

    It could be the user you used to connect was already logged in, or the company was set as Single User mode.

    Also, if you could share your raw message here, I can maybe help you to troubleshoot the issue.



    Phuong Do / Reckon Developer Partner

    [email protected]

  • Jason HollisJason Hollis Reckon Staff Posts: 615 ✭✭
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    Hi Alex,

    I can see your email. We do have a 48 hour response time - I know this isn't ideal and we are generally a lot quicker than that, however some days have greater queues than others - this is one of those days. I'll escalate with the team. 


  • Alexander PottsAlexander Potts Member Posts: 3
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    Thanks Jason. I am just used to getting at least an auto-response with a case # but I note that the e-mail address for the API team has changed. We just didn't know if our e-mail had gone through or not.
  • Alexander PottsAlexander Potts Member Posts: 3
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    Hi Phuong,

    Thanks for the offer - as I've had an official response I might just wait to see what I can hash out with the Reckon team - my query seems to work with other files.

    Thanks again
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