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It doesn't seem possible to print a simple Bank Reconciliation in Reckon One (with opening bal, reconciled transactions and outstandings reconciled to the bank statement). Youtube Instructions show this is possible (an enhancement back in 2016), however instead of 'Bank Reconciliation' as an option in Reports/Advisor and as as shown in instructions, all that's available is 'bank statement' which only shows a list of transactions.


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    Hi Cel

    Yes, it is possible to print a bank rec in Reckon, however as you said, it is now called a Bank Statement.

    I've had issues with this as well the past week.  This is what I have learnt.....

    Since the bank reconciliation function upgrade, the Bank Rec report is now called Bank Statement.

    (I think this new name is confusing.  A report labelled Bank Reconciliation Report is what we require).

    It shows:

    opening balances
    total amount of the deposits
    total amounts of the withdrawals
    the statement balance
    a list of reconciled transactions in Reckon

    I never had any outstandings, so I couldn't see if they do appear on the reports.  Apparently a report for unreconciled transactions is coming soon.

    The problem I had for several days, was that the green, red and blue figures appearing on the bank rec screen were out, even when every transaction was unticked.

    This glitch seems to have been rectified, after I advised support.  They looked into it for me, and somehow it all cleared. It will be interesting to see if it is still working today.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thank you Judy, you have been most helpful. The outstandings don't show on the same report (I saw that a separate report for unreconciled transactions is coming soon). It used to all be on the one Ban Rec report so it seems a backward step. I've used many accounting packages and they all have all this information as part of one bank reconciliation. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
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    Yes, it is a little odd.  It appears to be an upgrade still in progress!  Your welcome!
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