Backup problem - attachments not backed up - not enough disk space when in fact there is

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My system, Win 10 Pro, 64 bit.   Using Reckon Personal 2019.

The backup feature does not backup my attachments.   I receive an error message stating that I do not have enough disk space on the selected drive.   The Attach folder size is 2.87 GB and contains 6454 files.   It does backup the Reckon data files, but it's completely useless with the attachments.

Firstly, my backup drives have more than enough space and one, in particular, is a fresh 1 TB drive free of any data.   I'm not backing up to a NAS, just a normal everyday external harddrive.

I haven't bothered with the backup feature previously, for various reasons, but today thought I'd give the Reckon backup a go. 

I'd appreciate any assistance.



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    What are the attachments that you are talking about?


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  • st
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    All my receipts and invoices, attached to the relevant register entries.  In the main, nearly all are PDF documents, not that that should matter.
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    I never use the 'back up feature' for the very reason it does not back up the attachments to each register entry.  First I do a File -> File Operations - Validate (I do this regularly to eliminate problems ) then I use a File -> File Operations -> Copy feature that does copy the entire database.  I save this copy as an effective back up.
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    Ok, xmas and new year period is over, is anybody from Reckon going to look into this and advise what course of action is required?
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    Have you had a look at this Knowledgebase article? -
    Reckon Accounts Personal backup does not include attachments

    Rather than backing up to an external drive directly, have you attempted to backup to a local destination?
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    Thank you Rav for replying.   I have read the knowledgebase article.   The filename of my Reckon Data file is simply named, Accounts, which happens to be eight characters long.   So that part of it is not an issue.   No doubt it's an issue because some of the attached files, filenames, are greater than eight characters. 

    Backing up to a local drive rather than an external drive, and it's the same error.

    According to the Knowledgebase article, this issue has been known since 16 Nov 2012, that's six years ago.   Surely, the question arises why Reckon have not fixed this.   All it is is a file copying process; all programmers learn this stuff in programming 101.   I can write script/batch files to achieve this, but that doesn't fix the problem for others.

    As an aside, and I was curious, I looked up when Long Filenames, that is file names longer than 8.3, came in.   They first arrived on the scene in 1995 (Windows 95, so this issue for Reckon has been around a lot longer than six years.   

    The upshot is that it is such an easy fix.