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Unreconciled Bank Transactions being OverWritten

Darryl StratfordDarryl Stratford Member Posts: 1
edited April 11 in Reckon One
I have been faithfully uploading my bank transactions each month. Each time I do that I reconcile some of  the transactions using the auto-reconcile facility but leave some for when I have more time to think about where they should go.

I have now tried to go back to reconcile these transactions from previous months but can find only transactions from the last upload?

Is this by design? Why would Reckon overwrite older transactions with a new upload? Am I supposed to make sure I've reconciled every single transaction before I do another manual upload?

Please, where is there some documentation about what happens to existing transactions each time I do another upload?

If I'm now in a situation where I have a bunch of reconciled transactions across 6 months but I need to re-upload the transactions from those months that I didn't reconcile.



  • edited April 11
    Hi Darryl

    If you are importing via qif file into transactions, any that aren't reconciled (left in the transactions tab), disappear if you upload a new qif file.  Once a qif download is fully completed it tells you in the top RH corner, "compete - yes/no".  The Transaction tab is like a temp folder the qif imports into, from there you put them where they have to go.  If not finished you can close and open the book and they are still there, but if you import a new qif then it is overwritten with the new one.  same if you try to import a past qif for your missing transactions, it imports them all again and you will have to delete all the ones you don't want.

    It would be better to identify the missing ones from the bank statement or online account and manually add them, not import them.

    If you aren't sure of where to put some transactions, create a suspense acct - create a name Suspense & make it a customer & supplier, any unknown transactions put in the suspense account and reconcile.  Later you can come back & move them to where they need to go.

    You will have to unlock the period covering the ones that need to be changed then relock when finished.

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