Single touch payroll - mid year to date reports

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I have just set up Single Touch Payroll to ensure its up and running for July 1, 2019 (I have under 20 staff).  I have submitted my last 2 pays which seemed to work perfect.  My question is as I have started mid year (and I am not obligated to submit yet, just did it to ensure it worked and I could iron out any bugs early on) am I still meant to inform ATO of previous payrolls from July 1 2018 up to Jan 2019, or do I not have to worry.


  • AdrianAdrian Member Posts: 200
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    Hello Portsheet

    The STP lodgement is what is the current totals for all employees now.

    The next lodgement is what is the YTD totals now.

    So there is no need to go back and do prior STP lodgements.

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    A mid year report does not include any terminated employees.  What do you do about those?
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