Archiving a Reckon Hosted company file

GlendaGlenda Member Posts: 31
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Would be great if Reckon would allow access to the archiving function in the latest versions of all Reckon products; very disappointed this can't be utilised anymore. Why was this feature removed?


  • LukeLuke Reckon Staff Posts: 281
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    Hi Glenda,

    Not sure where you read that this feature is no longer available but it's definitely still available.

    To find this feature, please go to File > Utilities > Clean Up Company Data.

    Please understand though, by archiving your data file, this does not reduce the size of the file nor does it make it any faster.


  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,178 ✭✭
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    Further to Luke's comments Glenda - this is why it isn't used much anymore...  most Accredited Partners like myself believe its better to start a new fresh file and then have all the transaction history in the old file to refer back to - the Clean Up Company Data - will condense transactions into journals and you lose the history/details - so you may as well have a full historical file - and start a new fresh file, removing old and unwanted list items when you start...
  • GlendaGlenda Member Posts: 31
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    I called Reckon and they said this feature has been disabled on later versions. Probably after 2013.
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