Weight and Volume on Invoices in Accounts Hosted

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Hi Everybody
I am looking for a solution to add up weight and volume of multiple products on invoices in Accounts Hosted.
We need this to get freight cost quotations and create shipping labels. Both, total weight as well as total volume of all items on the invoice are required for this.
We are currently already doing the same thing in the Reckon Premier 2014 desktop version and are using a product called Formcalc. 
We added 2 custom fields for every stock item called weight and volume. Each of our 1200 items has its own weight and volume already entered and is showing on the invoice. Works like a charm and with a couple of clicks the totals are displayed as line items.
Now it is time to upgrade to Reckon Accounts hosted but it cannot add up the custom fields and cannot make any calculations with them. I also do not know of an add-on for Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Is there a work-around for that or can anybody help with a custom solution?
We prefer the hosted version because of the remote access possibilities.
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    I would suggest you contact Formcalc if this is compatible with hosted and if yes what the fix is.

  • Walter
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    Thank you for your replies!
    I already contacted Formcalc but sadly Formcalc has removed its' product for QuickBooks hosted. Also QuickBooks add-on apps compatibility with Australian versions of Reckon is getting less and less.
    I would go down the path of custom development and was hoping someone reading this would be able to help.
    I am also considering switching away from Reckon if that is what it takes but have not found the weight and volume feature in another bookkeeping software.
    I am surprised that not more people seem to have the requirement for this or perhaps I am looking in the wrong places. Some CRM systems offer weight and volume...
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    yes, you may not ,   i dont think Xero or QBO has it either can yo call me  tomm , I will see if we can create separate  invoice tool for  this

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  • Maureen_8317048
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    Hi Walter,
    Were you able to find a solution to the weight and volume being added onto invoices.
    I have the same problem and would also like it to appear in sales by item summary reports.
  • Walter
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    Hi Maureen
    I spent a lot of time researching.
    Unfortunately there is no add-on that easily works with Reckon Hosted that would add weight and volume to an invoice.
    The only way to achieve it is to run a separate from Reckon exported database in a CRM or ERP type software. The associated costs can be quite large. I only required the one feature but in order to get that, one would have to subscribe to a ton of other features which may not be required as it was the case with my business.
    Even if you subscribe to a package that proposes to have the weight and volume feature there are very large setup costs to adapt it to ones personal requirements. Some hosted services offer a CRM for less than $100 a month but may charge $5000 to $30,000 to get it up and running depending on your requirements.

    A viable solution may be custom development from scratch. I believe it is cheaper and more suited to personal requirements.

    I ended up sticking to the desktop version of Reckon and upgraded to Reckon Enterprise. It works well with Formcalc and only cost me a new licence which is around $100 plus the now yearly access fee for Enterprise Desktop which is about the same as Hosted.

    Formcalc however does not show in reports, only on forms. If you require it on reports I wish you good luck and please post back here and let us know how you are going.
    Kind Regards,
  • Maureen_8317048
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    Thanks for your reply Walter.

    I ended up creating a new custom field in items for volume/pieces. Then a added the column to the invoice template.
    I could create a report in Sales by Item detail with a little modification, had to export this to excel then reformat the volume column to convert to number.  I can now add the columns to see the volumn sold.

    It's a fair bit of workaround but now I've memorised the reports it's not too bad.

    I will have look at formcalc.

    kind regards Maureen

  • Maureen_8317048
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    I meant to say I use the desktop version as well.