Applying a partial payment to an invoice when reconciling account with bank statement

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Hello again dear Reckon community,

Another question for today...

How can I apply a partial payment (client paid half of total owed) to an invoice, so that the payment clears when reconciling the bank statement, and the part payment is applied towards the invoice, but the remaining amount due on the invoice remains in Reckon for the next monthly reconciling?



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    Hello again
    You process the same way as full payment.
    Enter the amount you have received in payment screen then it will come up with a box down the bottom of advising that there is an underpayment, select leave as underpayment.  Then reconcile bank as per normal.  The payment will show on invoice and the outstanding balance.
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    Thank you SO much! I know it seems so simple, but I am a total novice to this software and having the extra advice means a lot!