automatic backup on close no longer works

Trevor Watson
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In previous versions I was able to save a backup everytime the file closed, since upgrading to 2019 I can tick the box and change to 1 times click finish but the changes aren't accepted.


  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)
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    Hi Trevor

    This is correct, you have ticked save a backup every time you close the file "1" times is everytime if you put 3 in there it would be every 3rd time you close the file.
  • Luke
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    Hi Trevor,

    We cannot replicate what you're experiencing on our end, the automatic backup function is working for us as normal.

    If it's still not working for you, could you please try the below suggestions:
    1. Change the destination folder
    2. Go to the destination folder and check to see if the backup completed or not
    3. Restart your PC just in case any of the services/files are still in use in the background and therefore why it's failing
    4. Uninstall and reinstall Reckon Accounts in case it was due to a faulty installation

  • Trevor Watson
    Trevor Watson Member Posts: 61
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    Yes and since upgrading this function no longer works.
  • Trevor Watson
    Trevor Watson Member Posts: 61
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    Hi Luke

    Tried all of the above in order and 4. Uninstall and reinstall fixed the issue.

  • QBUser
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    I have this problem too. I contacted Support and they sent me the link below:

    This did not work and I tired both the Fixes listed in the link.

    I don't want to schedule a backup at a certain time I just want it to backup every time I close the program like it used to do.

    I was using Quickbooks 2010/2011 and have just upgraded to Reckon Accounts 2021.

    The program does not run an Automatic Back Up when I close out of the program and does not save the default backup location either in the Options box. I tick the box under scheduled backup to 'Save a backup copy every time I close my company file' - but nothing saves and so there are not Automatic Backups,

    Anyone find a solution to this problem?