Woolworths buy-back

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I am at a complete loss as to how to enter the Woolworths buy-back transactions in Home & Business 2019.

I originally had 2785 shares & after the buy-back I have 677.

In the transaction record from my financial account they are showing a Dividend distribution with a unit of 1 but nothing pertaining to the difference of 2108 shares.

Then there are 2 other transactions which are the capital component listed as Corporate Action Adjustments, the first -123 units @ $4.79 = -$589.17 and the other, the $589.17 transferred into my cash account. I can't make out anything in H & B to cover these transactions.

I have attached the details of the buy-back and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Firstly I don't think you had as many shares bought back as you believe. The buyback offer within a single account was 180 shares + 15% of the balance of the remaining shares tendered. By my calculations you should have had 579 shares bought back.

    Did you have multiple accounts? Also you mention 123 shares as a single transaction, this implies you had an account with only 123 shares in it. More explanation is needed

    How I completed this transaction was as follows; sell the shares bought back at the $4 96 price, this will give you a capital loss on your original purchase price. Then record the dividend received as you usually do.