Which reckon STP product supports Multi-users

cynacyna Member Posts: 7
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We are a small business with three locations, each location handles payroll separately. I wonder if the shop managers can log on Recokon stp in different locations and lodge payroll? How to set up the account? Is it possible to do so usinc Reckon STP APP? Thanks


  • Susan ShawSusan Shaw Member Posts: 20
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    If you have 3 Separate Company Files, each will have separate Software Id which will need to be setup in the ATO Portal in order to be linked.  Each Company will then Process Payroll through the Reckon Portal and then be sent on to the ATO, which will be matched via the Software Id.
  • cynacyna Member Posts: 7
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    Thanks. We are running under same ABN, so I guess only 1 company file? But how to log in at 3 locations/ desktops? 
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