Reckon Accounts Pro 2014 upgrade to be STP Compliant

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I currently have Reckon Accounts Pro 2014 which I purchased outright. On phoning Reckon they tell me that to become STP compliant I need to Upgrade to Accounts Premier 2019 at a cost of $710 each year! We have 5 employees so just miss the 1-4 employees cutoff. I definitely don't need Accounts Premier but apparently that is the current equivalent of Account Pro. Can anyone advise any alternatives please.


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    look at Reckon one $5.00 per month
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    Too many transactions to migrate over and will cost a fortune
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    Hi Tanya,
    The 2018 and up (currently 2019) editions of Reckon Accounts Business introduced Single Touch Payroll compliance, along with our other Reckon Accounts Hosted and Reckon One solutions.

    In terms of Reckon One, there is a free migration offer at the moment which will transfer over a limited range of your data to it, I'll link the info to this below. The Data Migration team can create a quote for additional data if required which might be worth inquiring. 

    Switch to Reckon One - Data Migration

    Single Touch Payroll Hub

    Alternatively, yes I believe Premier is the edition is the equivalent of the older Pro version.
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    Write to your local member
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    Tanya - if you only have one user and need installed on one computer - you can upgrade or take an annual subscription to Reckon Accounts Plus 2019 - this will have all the functionality you need and your datafile will upgrade to the Plus version.  The only reason you would need the Premier version is if you use the Estimates and Purchase Order functions?  if you don't, then Plus will suffice and is quite a bit less.   Did Reckon offer you any discounts to upgrade?   Certainly Reckon One is an option if your needs are relatively straightforward but agree there is a learning curve and data transfer which probably may cost more than a subscription to Plus.
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    Linda, I was trying to ascertain if I could just go to Accounts Plus. I have just been on the phone to Reckon and for the second time in a week was still told I would need to go to Accounts Premier but when I advised them an Accredited Partner advise Account Plus would suffice they then looked into it further and agreed!
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    I agree, keep using your old version but use Reckon One for Payroll and STP
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