YTD adjustment for salary sacrifice not showing as RESC

Judith Postan
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I started using Reckon payroll in Reckon Accounts Desktop part way through the financial year. I then started STP reporting soon after and have only just realised now that the YTD adjustment for salary sacrifice for an employee is not showing on the STP reports or on the payment summary. Every salary sacrifice amount since is included, but not the salary sacrifice amount in the YTD adjustment. I am not finalising the year through STP but by submitting an empdupe file, as a number of employees left before we started STP reporting.
Can this be fixed?


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    I only started in June 2019  and I have employees who are no longer being paid so I was going to use Empdupe.  Will lodging a Empdupe create 2 lodgements with the ATO?  The Tax office is not responding. 
  • Judith Postan
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    Just an update here. I had attempted ALL the solutions provided in the forums for solving this problem. Running reports for super showed all the RESC payments were showing properly. I tried deleting out the YTD RESC adjustment amount and adding it back in, which still did not solve the problem. I finally took it out of the YTD amount all together and added in to two subsequent actual payroll runs after the YTD adjustment (altered the pay cheques), which was tricky, as I had to also add in extra income to cover it so the net pay amount was the same, deduct that amount of added income from the YTD adjustment amount, and check that super and PAYG remained the same on the actual two pay cheques I altered. NOT ideal, but in the end it worked.
    I have used an empdupe file for the employees who left before we started STP reporting and am awaiting our IT people to update Reckon for me so I can finalise the rest. It has been very stressful, as I'm sure many of you can relate to. The forums are helpful, but I think everyone assumed that my question had been answered heaps of times before and so no one replied, but in this case, the issue related to a YTD adjustment and none of the previous fixes helped.
    At this time I am finding the information provided for EOFY payroll has been a bit inadequate, and certainly not timely. Forewarned for next year...