Payment summaries & allowances - Bug!

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Hi everyone,

I've been on the phone to support tonight for a couple of hours regarding a "bug" with payment summaries & showing incorrect allowances in some instances.

I noticed an allowance $amount which was printed on a payment summary which was incorrect. The employee had no allowances paid to them during the FY, and the amount did not show on the reconciliation report, nor any other report as it was non-existent.

Apparently, it was a "bug" that someone had also brought to Reckon's attention; however, i had no idea about it and i'm sure a lot of others might not either.

Make sure you're reconciling against the reconciliation report and internal working papers.

I really really wish these "bugs" were being communicated to all users instead of being kept behind the scenes - could save users hours of reconcile issues.




  • Bernadette Sault
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    Thankyou for the info as I have just been trying to workout why terminated guys are showing up with allowances on the Payment Summaries report. Your post is very much appreciated
  • Kali
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    So glad it helped :)

    Ignore any past employees that appear who haven't worked in the last financial year (even though they may have allowances listed) it's a bug.

    But do check the allowances listed on the payment summaries for each of the current employees (past & present inside this FY) match the allowances listed on the reconciliation report.
  • Debbie_10127485
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    Hi, How did you fix it or override the incorrect data showing on the payment certificates to make it match the reconciliation report?
  • Kali
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    Hi Debbie,

    You just need to ignore any terminated employees that appear incorrectly.

    Hope that helps.