Terminated employees & EOY STP lodgement

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When I select the EOFY button on the STP report -  my terminated employees are not appearing - is anyone else having this issue?

I have tried to call support; however, the recorded message states they're at capacity and not taking anymore calls at the moment??? I mean, seriously?


  • Suellen_9723293
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    As an employee is terminated I understand that the STP for that pay (we run our terminations separate to a regular pay run so they're isolated for just this sort of reason) will mark the employee as a final PAYG from this employer for that upload.
    The terminated employees should still be visible on your PAYG summaries and annual reconcilation reports etc.
  • Kali
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    Thanks Sueellen for your response - really appreciate it.

    I've fixed the issue, for some reason the software didn't like it when an employee had been terminated at a later date with a nill amount - deleted and reprocessed and they appeared.

    Who needs support?! Haha

    For what it's worth though, i think all employees do need to appear once you select the EOFY button.

    Good luck with EOFY!
  • Angie Aldous
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    I had the same problem. I went back to Payment Summaries to provide all staff . Too many problems and NOT PROCESSED pays or ERROR MESSAGES for my liking. At least my staff have accurate details. Too bloody hard trying to get help when we need it!!!
  • Kim Herriman
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    Sorry - how did you fix this??? We've moved to STP mid-way and have terminated employees not showing.