How do I delete my first STP entry when it has already been approved by the ATO?

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  • Rav
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    Hi Emma,
    The short answer is, you can't. Any submissions in GovConnect other than in draft status cannot be deleted for any reason. We're required to retain them.

    If you've made an error you have a couple of options in the form of an 'Update Event' or 'Full File Replacement'.
    Check below for more info on what these are and when to use them -

    Update Event

    Full File Replacement

  • Kerri
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    What if it's just a correction?
    I have submitted with "success" previous pay runs, but needed to amend a couple. I resubmitted via STP and now there are duplicate dates.
    Am I to assume the newer ones are just going to over-ride the older ones?
  • Tony Finn_6983457
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    Kerri. I have just had to do the same. Did your newer ones actually over ride the first incorrect ones by any chance ?

  • Kerri
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    I can only hope so!
    Apparently the figures taken are YTD, so I would like to think that the ATO looks at the most recent ones and assumes they are the correct ones.