Unable to open different QDF datafile - Personal Plus 2020

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I have just upgraded to Personal Plus 2020 (from 2019).  When I launched Personal Plus 2020 it opens the last QDF file I worked on.  I have a second QDF file for a different set of accounts, but when I select FILE / OPEN I receive a window asking to insert disk.  It will open the normal dialogue screen when both sets of QDF account files are saved.

If I click FILE / NEW as if was setting up a new set of accounts, it correctly navigates to the file menu and I can see both QDF files I'm trying to use.

I have even created desktop shortcuts to each of the different QDF files, but it only ever opens the last file actually used.   Selecting the shortcut for the first QDF opens the first QDF, and selecting the shortcut for the second QDF still only opens the first QDF (yes, they are pointed to different QDF's).


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    When you click on FILE (top left) - down the bottom it explains where the file is located that you are opening.  I'm wondering if the first file is not in the default location C/: Documents > Quicken?
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    All files are located in the same location.  And yes that is Documents > Quicken 
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    And to make matters worse, I had also reached out to Reckon who provided me a link to the file to download (as wasn't showing on my account downloads page) for PP2020, and I get a reply from Umesh Kumar Kukreja who simply states that "we would like to inform you that for Reckon Personal Plus we do not have phone or email support available."

    How can they charge me $170 for a version that doesn't work and then doesn't provide support.

    Surely there is a responsibility that when paying for a product/service it should work, or if not be repaired.  Isn't this a basic consumer entitlement under Fair Trading?
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    Hi Robyn.  Thank you for taking an interest in my issue.  Below are the steps I've done to replicate the problem.  The issue appears to happen after step 12.

    1 - Uninstall PP2020
    2 - Run setup of PP2020 from download location (Temp / Reckon Accounts Personal 2020 / HAB / Disk1)
    3 - Launch Reckon 2020 (auto launch at end of setup)
    4 - Enter licence key.  System accesses Activation Server dialogue top left screen
    5 - Message that successfully activated software
    6 - PP2020 auto opens last used file (QDF1)
    7 - Select FILE > OPEN.   Open File dialogue appears.  Can successfully navigate to QDF2 file location : Documents > Quicken > QDF2
    8 - Successfully opens QDF2 file
    9 - Select FILE menu and can switch between both QDF2 and QDF1 and back again (QDF files appear at bottom of list
    10 - Select FILE > EXIT
    11 - PP2020 closes
    12 - Relaunch 2020.  Comes up with error : "unable to find valid licence".  Select YES to update licence details.  Selecting other option closes PP2020
    13 - Reckon Activation Update dialogue appears.  Select Step 1 : "Go Online Now".  Complete member logon.  Confirm no outstanding invoices.  Select Step 2 : "Apply licence update automatically using internet".  System accesses Activation Server dialogue.
    14 - PP2020 opens with last used file (QDF1)
    15 - Select FILE > OPEN.  Popup appears "If you would like to work with a file on another disk, insert the disk now".  Options OK or Cancel.
    16 - Select FILE menu (same as step 9).  Can see both QDF1 and QDF2.  Try selecting QDF2 - same error as step 15.

    I have checked the Licence Information (Help Menu) and popup indicates both Account Licence and Online Services Licence are valid until 18/10/2020.

    Plese help 
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    Hi Darran

    Try this knowledge base article: https://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=3111

    If that doesn't help search the knowledgebase for other possible solutions. 

    Here are some other possible knowledge base articles that might help:

    I hope one of those is the answer for you
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    Hi Robyn,

    Thank you for all the suggestions.  None has specifically fixed the problem, although appears through combining a number of them, I am (sort of) able to get to the QDFs I need.

    I've moved all the relevant QDF's and the other file extensions for the same account sets into a separate folder for each set of accounts.  So now have C:/Documents/Quicken/QDF1  and C:/Documents/Quicken/QDF2.

    When I open Quicken it cannot find my QDF, so asks if I'm new or existing user.  I navigate to the QDF1 directory one.   I then did FILE > OPEN and it asked "to insert disk @" which I cancelled and then defaulted to the SAMPLE folder.  I was able to navigate to the QDF2 directory and open.

    After opening, I can then switch between the two by simply opening FILE and selecting the appropriate QDF from the bottom of the menu list.

    This works until I exit PP2020.  Next time, I open PP2020 it comes back to ask if I'm a new or existing user.  So able to repeat same steps to get access to the QDFs.

    Not a great user experience, but based on recent interactions with Reckon Support 1800 number,  I don't believe they care at all.

    Thank you very much for you assistance, you have been much more valuable than any Customer Support at Reckon.


    PS:  Hope this "workaround" lasts long enough for me to cleanup my accounts and then leave Personal Plus all together after 20+ years as a loyal customer.

    @Rav in case you're interested
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    I am sorry to hear your story but most problems are not a Reckon issue but totally the clients setup and computer config.

    I would be going back to scratch and doing a clean uninstall (Revo Uninstaller) of the program knowing that it does not effect and data files.

    I would suggest you contact your local Reckon Consultant to came and see you or log in remotely to assist you in getting it right the next time.


    Gerry 0418907140

    [email protected]

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    Thank you for the advice Gerry. I have uninstalled numerous times and am awaiting to use as expected once installation conpletes - that is until I log out / exit the program and then try to reopen again. That is when issues commence. My real concern is the lack of support that Reckon were willing to provide - none was there first response. I did however receive a call from Umesh at Reckon. He is attempting to resolve - maybe only because I pointed out that the licence actually says they do provide email / phone support. Giving the benefit of doubt imu hoping he can resolve. Funny though after 20 years of using Quicken products that this latest release is a problem - and going off posts in the community, appears there are many people with many different issues. Could it actually be the software ??
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    Glad to see your problem may soon be resolved, I am using this program myself and have installed it for numerous clients and honestly have had no issues.

    best of luck Gerry

    Gerry 0418907140

    [email protected]

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