US share prices - longer term

Frank t
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Hi Rav, thanks for your advise re the US share price availability and the workaround provided. I am ok in the short term with this workaround but would you please advise as to whether Recon plan to source another supplier of this data and an estimated time frame for this. I can work around in the short term for this but longer term it will be extremely difficult. Please advise.


  • Rav
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    Hi Frank,
    I believe the longer term goal is to incorporate some of the unique features of the Personal Range into our cloud solution Reckon One. There are a lot of considerations to that though and you might interested in some of the recent comments from my colleague Jason on this thread here.

    For US shares in the Personal Range as we are now, the product team will continue to investigate alternative data source options. They've already been doing that but results have not been promising unfortunately.