US Share price data updates

Roman Lohyn
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Can we please have an update on the US share price updating issue. I'm aware that a workaround has been described but that is not feasible for someone who owns a number of US shares. When will the capability to update US share prices be restored?

Is it Reckon's intent to no longer provide this service? If so then can Reckon just please say so instead of ignoring the question. I've posted on Facebook and on Messenger with no answer.

On a related note the inability of Reckon users to actually make contact with anyone from Reckon is infuriating. Its obvious that the strategy is to limit contact with users but are there any humans still actually working at Reckon or has everything been relegated to bots?


  • Roman Lohyn
    Roman Lohyn Member Posts: 4
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    Hi Dave,  thank you very much for your answer. Really appreciated. I will try this over the weekend.  Is there any way I can contact you directly if I strike a snag? If you're OK with that could you please email me at [email protected] with your details. Again, I really appreciate your help. Puts Reckon to shame!!