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vishal sharma
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I applied to get reckon one to create payslips of employees, i even put my bank details to get reckon one four days passed but i still can't see anything


  • Kris_Williams
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    What do you mean you applied to get Reckon One to create payslips? It’s already a feature, you just click on ‘email payslips’ after you click finish in the payrun
  • Mario_10087432
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    Hi Vishal, 

    In regards to Payroll with Reckon One, your bank details are required to create ABA files, which can be uploaded to your bank to pay your employees. If you have purchased the module- Connect a Bank, that is used to pull transaction records from an eligible bank account for reconciliation (once set up correctly). 

    In regards to creating payslips, you will need to set up Payroll in Reckon One, create a Pay run, and then email payslips to your employees.

    Hopefully this information helps you get started with Reckon One.