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Paula Stoyich_10526526
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My Personal Plus 2019 and now 2020 does not download all my share prices correctly, I have 9 codes that do not update correctly, I then manually clear the tickers and just update the ones that are incorrect, which then gives me the correct prices, but why does this have to be done each day?? 


  • Mick_10524981
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    My personal Plus 2020 has not downloaded any shares prices since the 28/02/2020 individually or as the group. I reinstalled the program which fixed the problem last time (last year on my 2019 personal plus) but not this time, is there a problem we don't know about
  • Rav
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    Hi folks,
    I just tested out share price downloads on my 2020 install of Personal Plus and seemed to pull down the prices normally.

    Paula, what you've described in terms of clearing the share list and then only selecting those specific shares to force an update sounds odd and not something I've come across. Could you please try a 'clean' uninstall of the existing software from your PC followed by clean install.
    There's info on how to do this here - Clean Uninstall and Reinstall of Accounts Personal

    Mick, can you please try working through the steps listed in this article to see if it helps in your case - Share Prices are not updating?