STP not working

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Using Reckon Hosted
After generating STP Replacement file lodging via GovConnect doesn't work.
Success is recorded for the upload but there's no call to nominate what you're replacing and the two authorisations needed.  For other entities working OK (other entities on Desktop Accounts Premier).  The problem seems linked to having upgraded from Desktop to Hosted.  Checked with the ATO (40 minute wait) to confirm that the Software ID is unchanged but they deleted the credentials anyway and resubmitted and we reset the browsing history etc in Chrome.  ATO's conclusion is that Reckon's old problem has re-emerged.
Help please - what's the fix?


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    Hi Bob.  This might sound somewhat illogical, but I suggest, as a possible solution, logging into Reckon Hosted using say Firefox or Edge.  I have had problems at times with Chrome getting into ATO services.  For example I have not been able to use Chrome to get access to MyGovID.  I cleared the browser history tonight and ended up with a different problem which still did not allow me to gain access.  I then switched to Firefox and had no trouble at all.  It may still not work, but it is well worth the try.
    John L G
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    Thanks John

    That wasn’t the issue in the end for us.  Needed to set up a whole new account due to the old being for Desktop and we moved across to Hosted. 

    Nonetheless, you suggestion and thinking about us was much appreciated. 


    Bob Cox

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