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Update pay event Jobkeeper / Reckon STP

JanJan Member Posts: 6
edited May 2020 in Accounts Hosted
Hi all,
Yesterday I edited a payrun dated 31/3 to include the JOBKEEPER-START-FN01 code (1 employee only edited as only one on JK), updated event on STP, when I upload the generated file onto the Reckon Portal it does have Yes for Update Event and I can see the JOBKEEPER-START-FN01 code in the Detail of the file but all dates are showing as 4/5 - the pay date is 4/5 (which I understand as the file is created on that date) and in the detail of the file it also has Period 4/5 to 4/5. Just concerned that I can not see any reference to the 31/3 pay date (which was for the pay period 16/3-29/3). I have not edited payruns on STP before so this may be normal but just wanted to check before submitting. Can anyone assist?
Thank you


  • Janine DicksonJanine Dickson Member Posts: 18
    edited May 2020

    That sounds normal to me

    This is exactly what I did (except submitted  on the 1/5 for 31/3 pay event update).
    All went through fine with the STP and ATO eligibility confirm for April done yesterday
  • JanJan Member Posts: 6
    edited May 2020

    Thanks Janine, so the date for your file submitted and the date range in the detail was 1/5?
    Just nervous due to not seeing the actual pay period dates.
    Thanks for your reply.
  • Janine DicksonJanine Dickson Member Posts: 18
    edited May 2020

    Yes I did the update on 31/3 pays - just adding the FN01 start code - then in reckon STP I selected the 31/3 - selected update event and the relevant employees I wanted to update - nothing was added to these pays except the start code.

    when I lodged stp I said it was an update event  - upload came in as 1/5 date and Gross $0 and 44 employees - when I go into detail it shows the employees correct (latest Gross etc from most recent payrun) then if you drill into the employee detail further - same latest gross etc but the dates are from 1/5 to 1/5
    all worked fine so believe you should be ok as long as the original selection was the correct paydate in reckon
    I had similar doubts to  you initially

  • JanJan Member Posts: 6
    edited May 2020
    Thanks for the detailed reply. I submitted the file today so hope all will be ok. I definitely chose 31/3 paydate in Reckon so should be good. I did notice when trying to find a similar question/answer that a community member recommended to Reckon that an Update Event when submitted on the Portal show the actual pay period that was being updated so maybe it has confused others too. I only work a few hours a week for this business so not a lot of time to nut these things out. Thanks again, much appreciated!
  • Carmel ClarkeCarmel Clarke Member Posts: 19
    edited May 2020
    interested in an answer here as I have the same issue

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