Australian share prices not updating since 28/4/20
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Is it just me or is there currently a problem with the share prices not updating?  The US prices are continuing to update.  Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2020.


  • Michael Holmes
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    Mine are updating ok, just don't like the red colour.
  • Rav
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    I've tested this morning and AU shares have updated as normal on my Personal Plus 2019 install.
    Are ALL your AU shares not updating or a select few?

    There's a help article on the most common contributors of share price update failures which I'll link below -
    Share Prices are not updating?
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    It is the Australian shares only.  The download for the US stocks is fine. The One Step Update Summary says "12 out of 183 securities serviced".  Is it a different web site for US prices then for the Aust prices?
  • Paula Stoyich_10526526
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    I have had a problem with not ALL the share prices downloading in the last few PP programs !! Have questions this and even had somebody out but to no avail !