Quality of invoice logo when printing

Justin Southwick
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G'Day I'm adding my logo the header of an invoice and its looks great on PC but when it gets printed it looks like a dog's breakfast.

My troubleshooting has been,
  I have the resolution set to 300
  I have have tried keeping correct ratio and increasing image size but still within the 2mb size
  Tried the recommended size.

I understand we need to keep pdf sizes down and don't want to have elaborate logos chewing through peoples printer inc but a logo is a brands identity and I don't see why a higher print res cant be achieved.

If I have missed something can someone please let me know.

Justin Southwick


  • Travis_10841992
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    The quality of the printed logos on both the invoices and the statements is beyond a joke.

    We're seriously looking at either creating our own via the API, or switching to an accounting package that can handle print-quality logos.