how do i get a tax receipt for my reckon hosted annual fee

Cathy Moss Booth
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how do i get a tax receipt for my reckon hosted annual fee? Renewed in May through control panel, did not get tax invoice or even a receipt. 


  • Rav
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    Hi Cathy,
    I've checked in with our team about this and they've let me know they send them through via post after payment is received and processed however they're a bit behind at the moment due to COVID-19. They're getting through the batches though so you should receive it very soon but if you need one urgently, shoot the team an email at [email protected] and the team will get it to you via email.
  • NarellePaterson
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    I am the same got a confirmation letter but no tax invoice for payment in Oct 2022 I have send email to admin.

  • Leisha S
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    I've been requesting for some time Narelle for emailed invoices/receipts. Can't be that hard for a PDF to be attached to the email I do receive saying our payment has been received, considering we're paying for a service from a software company?

  • NarellePaterson
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    Leisha S I emailed a request today and have received the tax invoice but it would be nice if we could print it out from our control hub.

  • Hoppy
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    Today we became a Reckon Payroll Subscribers for the $4.99 a month through Apple.

    Some questions...

    1. Can I change to yearly billing... Monthly drives me nuts but I will suffer through it if I have to. :)
    2. Can I change the email address I get the tax invoice/receipts delivered too.

    Thanks Hoppy