crystal report for .net

Craig Tompson
Craig Tompson Member Posts: 1
Bought the product, went to install. It said it had to install Crystal Report for .Net 2.0. Which it started doing, and that's as far as we get.


  • Brad Read
    Brad Read Member Posts: 14
    edited June 2020
    I have just set up a new laptop with PP 2020.  It said the same thing and went ahead an installed it then installed Reckon.  Assume you have tried again?  If you are running Windows you might try a program called Ccleaner which removes extraneous registry entries and unused files.  If you run that, reboot, and perhaps try installing again. 

    Alternatively, you might want to go to at Microsoft and download the .Net 2.0 directly and then try and reinstall Reckon.

      Sorry, can't think of much else