Rules should be able to delete bank transactions

David Knight
David Knight Member Posts: 1
edited July 2020 in Reckon One
A clients system I assist with has a Visacard import stream from Westpac Australia. This client does many overseas purchases which incur fees that are included in the actual charge transaction line; but then also creates a purely descriptive line in addition.

These additional lines appears in the bank feed, and are superfluous.

I initially thought creating a rule to match with the Action being "Ignore" made sense and would work.

However, apparently "Ignore" only means to temporarily ignore and all the transactions come back the next time one goes into the bank feed. In my mind that makes the use of Ignore in a rule useless, as it achieves nothing.

What one needs is either:
  1. Ignore in a rule to mean permanently ignore [ie, delete the transaction from the feed] OR
  2. A new action to Delete the transaction.
In general, in terms of managing a bank feed, I do not see any real benefit to the Ignore feature, and especially in terms of a rule. Perhaps my experience is too narrow?

However, I can see the benefit of a rule which will tidy up a feed to remove extraneous, or superfluous transaction lines of no value at all.

Interested to hear what others think, or other ways of dealing with the issue.