Reportable FBT On Payment Summaries Incorrect

Denize HootonDenize Hooton Member Posts: 9
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We are an FBT Exempt Employer with all employees salary packaging during the 19/20 FY.  We have a deduction set up - salary packaging- that we use each payroll run.  The end of year payment summaries I have reviewed are showing two issues:  the salary packaging amount is NOT grossed-up, which it should be, and the salary packaging total deduction is NOT deducted from gross payments, which it should be.  In looking at the payroll item set-up, I cannot see anything that I can edit/change to solve this.  Looking for some urgent assistance please.


  • JenniWillisJenniWillis Member Posts: 2

    We are having the same issue!!! i thought it was just me. Have you been able to figure it out?

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