Fiona Sweeney
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Using Payroll Premier 2019/20, upon using the termination wizard and running the STP report, the STP report is empty.  Whilst other times it will produce an STP report with correct information?

Anyone have any idea as to why it does this and how I can have it correctly produce the STP report for the terminated employee?


  • Sally Menzies_9736503
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    I am having the same problem.  Either the employee is completely missing, or their ETP payment is missing key information.  When I run INB payment summaries, the information appears correctly so it seems to be an issue with the STP.  I called Reckon last week, and they advised me that my data file must be corrupt and that I would need to create a new one. Given I am seeing quite a few people with the same issue, I believe it is a Payroll Premier issue.  Am keen to see a response.
  • Fiona Sweeney
    Fiona Sweeney Member Posts: 9
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    Thanks Sally, yes agreed. 

    I will try to call Reckon tomorrow and will post the reply here. 

    Watch this space!
  • Tanya Briggs
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    There's another post in this forum regarding terminated employees missing from the STP finalisation report.  The solution was to check the list of pays for the terminated employees and delete any zero pays for those employees.  A zero pay may have been generated automatically when the termination wizard ran.
  • Lyn Hayward
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    I am having the same problem The report goes to STP but there is no gross tax etc
  • Sharon Cowley
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    Hi Community,

    Is there a solution to this problem? I have a terminated employee with long service and annual leave with o figures in her STP flie. I have read above and checked she has no zero pays processed . I have redone payroll twice and don't want be told that it is a corrupt file as i have a file with 50 other employees. ( I am using payroll premier 20/21 )

    Anyone have any ideas?


  • Stacey_6976885
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    I have an issue with a terminated employee, he appears in the uploaded STP report when he was terminated, but when I generate the end of financial report, he is not listed?