PDF reporting format issues

Jodie Porter
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I use Reckon One. When I export some of my reports to PDF - mainly notice with account enquiry, it spreads the columns over 2 pages making it impossible to read. Have looked through settings but can't find a way to change it. I've removed most columns from my reports but doesn't change it. Just gives more white space. I've noticed someone reported this 2 years ago but didn't really get a reply on how to fix it.


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    following this as I have the same problem with reconciled reports

  • heather_6486903
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    Me too, exporting my AP to an existing sheet using a new page and gives me 2 sets of info and if you highlight row 1 or column A both sets are highlighted, I also cant see the tabs along the bottom and opens as a little bar that can only be maximised or hides back into the little bar.

  • Rav
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    Hi guys,

    I haven't come across what you've described so far. I've run a couple of Account Enquiry reports from Reckon One, albeit without much data in them, in both Portrait & Landscape orientation (attached below).

    Which browser and/or PDF solution are you using when you export the reports to PDF from Reckon One? Are you able to post a screenshot of how your reports display on-screen?

  • heather_6486903
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    My problem is not PDF its Excel, has only started to happen in the last month or maybe more, last months AP trial balance was fine.

  • heather_6486903
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    There are 2 lots of info, and I cant see the existing tabs unless I press the three little dots down bottom. when you first open its just a little header box that only maximises or hides back within the little bar. I hope that makes sense its hard to actually describe.