Personal Plus 2020 transfer of shares between 2 accounts

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I have been a Quicken and Reckon user for many years - I run accounts for family members.  I need to transfer shares held in one account to another account.  It cant be a purchase and sale as I need to capture the lot history for capital gains tax purposes.  Is it possible to do a bulk transfer of shares from one account to a separate account?  Or failing that is it possible to transfer share by share?


  • Tony_10806950
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    Hi Dave - thanks for the speedy response - if I do it that way I dont think I can transfer to a new account outside of that person.   Maybe I am not explaining myself very well - its not a new account in the same overall person's accounts - its a whole new person and set of Reckon accounts.   

    And your Beneficial Ownership suggestion is not appropriate as the transfer is a bequest from a will, as such there is not tax event on bequest, just if the recipient sells later.  A sale and purchase would create a tax event.
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    Hi Tony
    Looks like you want to create a new file for the new person. 
    If that is the case, transfer will not work across files, the only choice I know would be a 'stock transfer out' from one and a 'stock transfer in' to the other.
    Tedious, but only needed to be done once, and effective for tax.
    Good luck